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Working to make a difference...

Our Responsibility


At Blue Lake Refrigerated Transport we have systematically examined all of our food handling operations in order to identify potential hazards and implement controls and pre requisite programs to eliminate risks.   


This, together with the Food Standards Code (ANZ) and the HACCP principles  has formed the Blue Lake Food Safety Program.   We are currently seeking HACCP certification.


     Primary Industries and Resources

Certificate of Accreditation - Cold Storage, Meat Distribution and Transportation - Cat 7 


​The safety of our workers, customers and our community is top of mind for everything we do at Blue Lake Refrigerated Transport.  That is why we have specialised resources to implement and manage our WHS Management System.  


In addition to this we have implemented the following:


     Covid - 19 Safety Plan

     Covid - 19 Vaccinated Workplace 


     WHS Management System


     Drug and Alcohol Testing Program


     HACCP Based Food Safety Program


     Chain of Responsibility - Code of Conduct


     Annual Workplace Auditing


     Weekly Compliance Reporting

     View our WHS Policy


We are stewards of the environment and are committed to reducing our consumption of natural resources to reduce our footprint.

We are constantly looking at improving our efforts in sustainability and reducing our impact on climate change.  We have implemented the following initiatives:


     Commercial Solar Panel System to reduce direct emissions.

     Vehicle upgrades for increased efficiency and lower fuel consumption.

     Diesel exhaust fluid used to reduce harmful gases released into the 




     - Rubbish recyclables, truck tyres, plastic pallet wrap, gas cylinders, office

        paper and consumables returned for recycling.

     - Damaged pallets repaired for re use or returned for recycling.

     - Customer carton carboard is picked up complementary from our customer

        sites and taken to recycling depots.  

    Liquid Waste

     - Eco friendly and biodegradable truck wash is used when washing vehicles to

        eliminate the release of toxins that pollute water and air.

     - Spill kits in place to protect workers, collect liquid spills and protect

        the environment.


Supporting Our Community

Blue Lake Refrigerated Transport are very proud to support and give back to our community.  Our sponsorship and donations to organisations and events has made a huge difference to people living with disabilities, mental health, serious illness and to our local clubs.

Great Cycle Challenge

Congratulations to Ashley our long time employee for taking part in the "Great Cycle Challenge" and raising much needed funds to fight kids cancer.


We are very proud to be an annual sponsor of the event and

to make a difference to the lives of children and their families.

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