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       Will my shipment be delivered today?

Most deliveries are same day service with exceptions for Mount Gambier, Port MacDonnell and Millicent – these are an overnight service and delivered to site the following day. Overnight service is dispatched Ex Adelaide Monday to Friday with delivery to site Tuesday – Saturday.

       I’ve just booked my job, when will the driver collect my shipment?

Depending on the service booked, we will ensure that your shipment is picked up and delivered within our quoted times and when prior arrangement has been made.  Please note: shipments are usually delivered to our Adelaide Warehouse, however if a request has been made for shipment to be collected, a "Pick Up Fee" is charged.

       Do you deliver goods interstate or overseas?

No, we are a local and regional transport company that specialises in the state of South Australia, covering Adelaide Metro, Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu Peninsula, South East and Mid North regions.

       Do you package my goods for me?

No, we are a freight forwarder and require the shipment to be delivered to our warehouse or ready for pick up if pre arranged.  Shipments need to be packaged and ready for delivery unless specific arrangements have been made to package the shipment.

       Is there a limit on the size of the goods that I am sending?

There is no limit on the size of the shipment we can send however, prior notice of size is advised to avoid disappointment. Please note that we do not accept the following shipments; general freight (such as wood chips and logs), furniture (including pianos), glass and dangerous goods.

       Can I use Blue Lake Refrigerated Transport if I am the receiver of the goods?

Yes, you can book a shipment as the receiver.  Please ensure your supplier clearly labels your shipment.  A delivery docket must accompany the shipment clearly stating the senders name, receivers name, total number of items, and who is responsible for freight charges. Note that our services are from our Cavan depot in Adelaide to the delivery destination or, from our Mount Gambier depot to our Cavan Depot.  If a shipment collection is required from another site a pickup fee is applied.

       Will the driver call me when he is on approach to my pick up or delivery?

All shipments are generally arranged prior to departure.  Prior arrangement is made taking the responsibility away from the driver having to make contact whilst on the road.  In extreme circumstances (usually regional drops), the driver can contact you when approximately one hour from the destination.

       Do you deliver after hours and on weekends?

Yes, this is a service we offer on approach, additional fees apply.

       What happens if I want to cancel my booking?

You can cancel a job at no charge to you before it has been loaded and dispatched. Once the shipment has been loaded and dispatched, there will be a futile charge applied to the job.  This is usually the delivery fee quoted plus a fee for returning the shipment.

       What happens if the receiver is not present?

If the receiver is not present, the driver will NOT leave the shipment unless prior arrangement has been made by both the receiver and shipper in writing (eg: email). If no arrangement has been made the driver will return the shipment to our warehouse and fees will still apply.  If an arrangement has been made for an additional attempt to deliver the shipment, additional fees will apply.

       Will you deliver to a post office box?

No, we do not deliver to post office boxes.

       How do I pay for your services?

Payment is accepted via cash, cheque or EFT transfer prior to or on delivery.

​       How do your charges work?

Payments are accepted via cash, cheque or EFT transfer or you may request an account to be set up with our terms "Strictly 7 Days".  Click here  to download our Credit Application and Trading Terms.

​       Are the charges inclusive of GST and any other surcharges?

All charges are inclusive of GST and surcharges unless otherwise stated.

       Do you accept Cash On Delivery (COD)?

Yes, COD is accepted for freight only.   

       Do you insure the goods whilst in transit?

Yes, we have Marine/Transit Insurance.  Your goods are insured whilst in transit however, it is recommended the shipper organize their own insurance if additional insurance is required.

       Can I provide an authority to leave the shipment if I am not home?

This is not recommended and is a practice that we usually don’t engage in, especially with perishable and frozen goods.  Authority must be made in writing (eg: email) by both the receiver and shipper instructing our driver to leave the shipment if no-one is present to accept.  The authority must also state "Blue Lake Refrigerated Transport  shall be excluded from all LIABILITY".


       What is a futile charge ?

A futile charge is applied when a driver has attempted to pickup or deliver  a shipment but, is unable to perform this task due to a change in the original quoted job requirement that prohibits the supplied vehicle from being able to perform the delivery. For example, the van provided is too small as the shipment was much larger than originally quoted, or there was no one available at the time of pick up or delivery attempt. The full charge of the attempted job will be applied as the futile charge.

       Where can I get more information?

For further information please call (08) 8349 6606 or email here.

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